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Vous partez en Cote d'Ivoire? vous avez des questions? parlez-en aux ivoiriens et expatries.
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Message par q123 » févr. 20, 09 12:45 am


Hope the forum doesn't mind me popping a question in English?

I'll be looking to travel to Cote d'ivoire and would like to know if there are perhaps any possibilities in Abidjan for teaching english and/or organising computer training or building websites.

I'm a qualified computer engingeer, speak some French, but not fluent and would like to do some free volunteering in return for improving my French skills.

Best regards, merci.

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Son Excellence
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Message par Gbapleu » mars 22, 09 1:00 pm

Tu peux toujours trouver tout ce que tu chercheras à savoir sur la Côte d'Ivoire en faisant directement le voyage sur place . Gbap.

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Message par Kochyz » mars 22, 09 2:42 pm

Hi Q123,

I can assure you that there are many opportunities in Abidjan for teaching english and/or
organising computer training or building websites. But be warned that,  this market is not a small concavity in which you would comfortably operates, unchallenged, with none or few competitors. There are a lot qualified computer engineers in the country and quite few english teaching schools. And besides, Ghana(an english speaking country) is a neighbouring country.

However, although computing is booming in Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana is relatively near, there are still a lot of 'customers' up for grab. It all depends of what you offer and the specific market you target. I can safely argue that the country, to a large extent, is computer illiterate. Computing cost money.  Moreover, the 'computing effervescence' hasn't really spread  to small towns. It's a major cities thing. So there is a market there for you, but at the end of the day you need to be on the ground and find out for yourself.

I hope your ad on this website would open up some doors. I cannot help but wonder what would be the outcome if I posted a similar ad on an Australian website. Would people offer to help?

Merci au Webmaster.

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